Pursuit of Excellence

Remarks delivered by retired Chief Justice ARTEMIO V. PANGANIBAN, Chairman of the Metrobank Foundation Board of Advisers, during the launching of Metrobank Foundation’s three books, MADE of Gold, Metrobank Foundation Exemplars and Ten Outstanding Filipino Teachers Vol. 2, on April 4, 2013 at the Main Lobby, Cultural Center of the Philippines, Manila.

On behalf of Metrobank Foundation, I thank all you for attending today’s launching of our three coffee table books, namely “Metrobank Foundation Exemplars,” “MADE of Gold,” and “The Outstanding Filipino Teachers, Vol. 2.” They record for posterity some of Metrobank Foundation’s outstanding projects as well as the men and women it has honored over the last 34 years. These publications also serve as a fitting continuation of the 50th Anniversary Celebration of Metrobank, the Foundation’s parent and benefactor; celebrations that began on September 5, 2012. Ladies and Gentlemen, we cannot celebrate Metrobank’s Metrogold without hailing also its humble and venerable founder, Dr. George S.K. Ty, who by his words and deeds exemplifies “trust,” the one word that our people look for and cherish when they deposit their money in the banks. Dr. Ty was in his late 20s when he envisioned, organized and led Metrobank, the financial institution that Euromoney, the world’s leading financial markets magazine, consistently hails, year after year, as the “Best Bank in the Philippines.” But pioneering the best bank is only half of Dr. Ty’s legendary life. The other half is spent in philanthropy, in sharing his fortune with the less privileged, by encouraging and rewarding excellence in all fields of endeavor.

“Excellence!” This single word taken from the vision and life story of Dr. Ty is also the philosophy and driving force of Metrobank Foundation. The Foundation seeks, aspires for, bathes in and promotes excellence all the time, everywhere. It craves for excellence all day and all night, year in and year out, internally among its officers and employees, among its affiliates and partners; and externally, in the community, the nation and the world. It strives to recognize and to reward excellence in people and institutions. Indeed, excellence is the Foundation’s beacon and anchor. The Foundation believes that excellence in our chosen work, vocation or career brings us self-confidence and self-assurance. Excellence is our source of self-dignity, self-worth and self-fulfillment.

In its pursuit of excellence, Metrobank Foundation has, since its founding on January 8, 1979, searched for, found and honored 316 outstanding teachers, 146 outstanding soldiers, 98 outstanding police officers, 3 outstanding journalists, and 376 outstanding artists and designers. To help celebrate its 34th Anniversary, Metrobank Foundation has chosen 15 of them as topnotch exemplars whose life and career it proclaims and honors. They are the best of the best, the crème de la crème of Metrobank Foundation’s search for excellence among our people. Their life work and careers are memorialized in the book “Metrobank Foundation Exemplars” written by 2003 outstanding teacher, Dr. Queena L. Chua.

In the book “MADE of Gold,” Metrobank Foundation pays tribute to its involvement in the arts and with the art pieces and personalities who participated the competitions it sponsored over the years. It is singularly proud that this volume was written and edited by acclaimed art critic Cid Reyes.

As a sequel to its highly successful first volume on the Outstanding Filipino Teachers, which was a finalist in the 2005 National Book Awards of the Manila Critics Circle, Metrobank Foundation is proud to unveil today its second volume. Written by 2003 awardee Dr. Jaime An Lim, it records the bios and legacies of ten outstanding teachers. Finally, ladies and gentlemen, let me end these short remarks by saluting the man who toils behind the success of all the projects of Metrobank Foundation, the personification of excellence himself, the affable and hardworking President of the Metrobank Foundation, Aniceto “Chito” Sobrepena. Mabuhay ka Chito!

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